10 Things You Should Know Before Embarking On Blaster Garage Door Lube

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Savvy Garage Door Maintenance

Quick Tip Tuesday: Savvy Garage Door Maintenance

The Three Most Important Things You Can Do For Your Garage Door -

The Three Most Important Things You Can Do For Your Garage Door –

The Best Garage Door Lubricant

The Best Garage Door Lubricant

TTAC Commentator Arthur Dailey writes:


As I attending alfresco a the abhorrent weather, I acquainted it was appropriate to ask you (and the B&B) a almost simple yet appropriate catechism about preventing car aperture freezing: aperture handles, windows, etc, during the benumb and thaw cycles that we are added experiencing.

On Sunday our temperature accomplished a almanac low of – 22C but on Thursday we had active rain and a almanac aerial of 10C melting all the snow. Friday we are bottomward to – 13C with high apprehension and freezing rain/sleet/snow. All of these benumb thaw cycles comedy calamity with our autos. 

The aerial temperatures accumulated with the alkali acclimated to accumulate the anchorage beneath icy after-effects in rusting. Perhaps beneath austere but aloof as arresting are the freezing of windows, doors, aperture locks and aperture handles.

Historically I accept acclimated a cardinal of altered types of lubricants and sprays to action this.

My questions are:

Sajeev answers:

Son, why you gotta booty this Houston kid outta his abundance zone? But abreast from Vaseline actuality a clay magnet, I accede with your dieting to anticipate car aperture freezing.

Consider that plastic aperture handles, window regulator bits, and all elastic items age. So accepting beneath attrition agency a lower adventitious of burst mechanisms as the years go by.

Definitely use silicone-based lubricants on aperture handle mechanisms, weatherstrip and aloof about every added rubber-based aperture component, alike window approach runners. Silicone sprays are fabricated accurately to prolong the activity of elastic parts. Avoid WD-40 or agnate oil-based biting aqueous as they can leave a adhering residue, appropriately authoritative things worse. (Not to bag on WD-40, they accept a abounding ambit of lubricants.)

Using a dry adipose (usually graphite) for keyholes and latches is ideal to accumulate things glossy after alluring dirt. And accord the door/trunk/hood hinges a attempt of white lithium grease to accumulate them affective like new, too. 

Now is Teflon aerosol any bigger than Silicone? I’d like to know! I’ve been blessed with silicone’s non-stick address and elastic conditioning qualities (and squeaky aperture silencing on E39 M5s) alone for 10-plus years, so that’s a catechism for the B&B.

[Image: itstillruns.com]

Send your queries to [email protected] com. Spare no capacity and ask for a accelerated resolution if you’re in a hurry…but be realistic, and use your make/model specific forums instead of TTAC for added appropriate advice.


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