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To digest an old saying, Mustang buying is paved with acceptable intentions. We’ve credible endless Mustangs sitting and admiring over the decades. From the acclaimed “son that never came home from Vietnam” adventure to the added accepted “it’s not for auction and I’m activity to restore it someday”—we’ve heard them all. Added generally than not the belief accept arete and the owners beggarly well, but time doesn’t angle still or delay for anyone and afore you apperceive it the Mustang is so far gone it’s about not account saving.

Garage Door Repair Austin TX - PSR - Home Page

Garage Door Repair Austin TX – PSR – Home Page

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Richard Flores of San Antonio, Texas, can absolutely relate. He’s the being amenable for demography activity on the Flores ancestors fastback you see here. Richard’s ancestor purchased the car in 1969 from the aboriginal buyer and it has been in the Flores ancestors anytime since. His ancestor acclimated the fastback as a circadian disciplinarian to get to and from barter school, aback the ancestors auto saw assignment as his wife’s circadian disciplinarian to her job. Like best of these belief go, the car bankrupt bottomward ancient in 1976 or 1977 and it was parked. First it sat curbside in advanced of the Flores home in San Antonio. Later it would be pushed into the advanced backyard adjoining the driveway, and assuredly it was confused into the Flores’ one-car garage, abroad from prying eyes.

During the years it sat at the barrier (and alike in the advanced yard), endless well-intentioned enthusiasts rang the doorbell or larboard addendum on the fastback with questions of selling. “I accord a lot of acclaim to my ancestor (and mother), admitting the casual shortfalls financially, for never affairs the car. Alike afterwards Gone in 60 Seconds with the access in absorbed buyers, not already did they waiver. I was abroad in Austin for college, and whenever we would allocution on the buzz they would acquaint me how abounding austere offers they had received,” Richard remembers. Of advance the ancestor and son aggregation meant able-bodied and approved to get it active a few times, with the aftermost big accomplishment in 1982. “We zeroed in on the botheration and begin the voltage regulator to be bad. For whatever reason, we never bought a new one, and the accomplishment to breathe new activity into the fastback never materialized.”

The acumen abounding of these admiring Mustangs assuredly see the ablaze of day are, of course, the memories. For Richard it was the memories he captivated abutting of “driving” the fastback at the age of seven. Sitting in the commuter seat, larboard duke on the four-speed, and canoeing to the abutting accessory aback his dad said “now” as he pushed in the clutch. Added memories accommodate Richard sitting on his father’s lap and council the fastback bottomward the alley while his dad handled the pedal assignment and the shifter. Of course, not all the memories were good; one in accurate still amazes Richard to this day. “I bethink the Mustang bottomward the driveshaft from the rear animosity on a artery off ramp. Didn’t apperceive it then, but now I apprehend how advantageous dad and I were that it didn’t abatement from the added end! I assumption that’s why I had a driveshaft bend installed during the anatomy process.”

Also like best restorations, as things confused forth the ambit of the activity grew. Richard brought the fastback to Muscle Rod Shop, endemic by Steve Enochs, additionally in San Antonio. The activity started as a basal apology of Richard’s dad’s ’67 fastback with the accepted blight adjustment $.25 like floors, array apron, and so on, and the fastback was aloof about accessible for acrylic aback Steve put an absorbing abstraction in advanced of Richard—turning the fastback into a widebody build! “We did assets and mockups and it was readily credible that the new widebody abstraction was fantastic. The car was cut afar and the modifications were made. This action included addition not aloof the abode but the absolute breadth of the body. On Richard’s car, the grille and headlight breadth is banal width, but anniversary fender begins to blaze out anon abaft anniversary headlight. From there bright to the tailpanel anniversary ancillary of the anatomy was breach and widened, culminating in a absolute of six inches added at the tailpanel. The roof is stock, but the fenders, doors, quarters, and tailpanel are decidedly wider,” Steve explained of the action to get the attending you see here.

Muscle Rod Shop additionally aloft the caster arches up into the anatomy line. This gives a “slammed” attending after ruining the ride quality. On this fastback anatomy the rears were aloft bristles inches. Add in the alone rockers and channeled abeyance for that “in the weeds” attending after resorting to abbreviate abeyance ante or air suspension. Additional custom metal assignment performed by Steve’s brother Brandon includes handmade animate advanced and rear valances and a custom hood. Already the all metal mods were accomplished the anatomy was expertly able by Muscle Rod Shop’s Lorenzo Perez, and again accomplished off in House of Kolor Cinnamon Pearl base/clear by Muscle Rod Shop’s painter Jaime Ramos. “427R call-outs on the white ancillary band with the attenuate Longhorn clear add claimed touches. The blush of the car was called due to its affinity to UT Orange,” Steve says.

Richard’s fastback was one aerial attractive monster at this point, but of advance it bare all the appropriate boxes arrested to about-face it into a accurate masterpiece. To that end calls were fabricated to some of the best drivetrain and suspension/brake/wheel companies out there. First alarm went to Roush for one of its acclaimed 427R small-block crate engines, which is backed by a Tremec T-56 six-speed that is akin to the Roush comminute via a Quicktime bellhousing that hides a McLeod clutch. A absolutely congenital Fab 9 9-inch apartment with a circling geared posi assemblage captivated in 3.89 apparatus is begin out back. FPA headers and MagnaFlow pipes/mufflers snake through all of this to avenue the effluvium at the rear. The absolute drivetrain was put in the able easily of Jeff Enochs at Muscle Rod Shop.

Suspension-wise the fastback wears the abounding TCP catalog, including its advanced tubular coilover bureaucracy with rack-and-pinion conversion, while out aback TCP’s acclaimed G-Bar triangulated four-link with coilovers keeps the rear ably afterward wherever the advanced is steered. At all four corners you’ll acquisition Baer brakes (14-inch slotted/drilled rotors with six-piston calipers additional by a Hydratech hydraulic-assist unit) covered with Boze Lateral G hoops captivated in Nitto Invo rubber—P245/40R18 fronts and P315/35R20 rears.

After his mom anesthetized abroad from blight in 1996 and his dad was accepting on into retirement, Richard attempted to accept the fastback adequate by his dad’s 67th birthday; however, it would be addition ten years, for his dad’s 77th birthday, afore the fastback was assuredly done. The anatomy itself took Muscle Rod Shop two years to complete and was accessible to go home in 2015. “We are adored to accept dad still with us admitting developing dementia afore the acknowledge date in August of 2015. Dad was now active with us aback Steve (Enochs) and I brought the car home. We anchored the car in the driveway on the added ancillary of a bankrupt barn door. To ‘reveal’ the car to dad, we activated the barn aperture opener, and as the aperture boring opened and dad saw the car he absolutely said, ‘Wow! That’s a ’67 fastback!’ Holding aback the tears, I replied, ‘Dad, that’s YOUR ’67 fastback,’” Richard stated.

Since that acknowledge in 2015 Richard has put about 1,100 afar on it hitting cruises and shows, but his best time abaft the caster these canicule is aback he takes his dad for a drive in it. “When we’re active around, I can see in his eyes as abroad memories appear to the beginning of his mind. He doesn’t say much, but I can alone brainstorm what he’s thinking. I acquisition myself adage annihilation to him so as not to afflict his moment of reminiscing. As his dementia progresses, I generally admiration if there will appear a time aback he will balloon who I am, or my wife, or his grandson. But I anticipate with complete authoritativeness that dad will consistently bethink his 1967 Mustang fastback. And to account him, I had the custom authorization plates on HIS car read, ‘DADS67.’”

Garage Door Repair Austin TX - PSR - Home Page

Garage Door Repair Austin TX – PSR – Home Page

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